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How it works

Resolving DPF problems – Next Steps

Once you’ve arranged or carried out the removal of your DPF filter and sensors, we can get to work on solving your DPF problems. Our team will arrange collection by a licensed and insured courier, and your unit will be brought to us for cleaning.





How do we clean?

In our workshop, we will carry out a thorough air flow test to make sure that your unit is not damaged and can be cleaned – if there is a problem, we will contact you and arrange return of the DPF with no charge except postage. Most units are suitable for cleaning, so we begin this process as soon as possible.

The cleaning process takes four hours and covers six stages: it’s a very extensive clean which clears out DPF problems and blockages, improving emissions and performance. It’s vital that you remove any sensors to avoid damage during this process. We aim to be within 10% of the manufacturer’s guidelines, and a repeat clean will be carried out if the unit does not meet these.

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Where do I send my DPF?

Please address your parcel to DPF Clean Team, Unit 8 Davenport Business Centre, Victoria Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1XD

Returning your DPF unit

Once the clean is complete, we’ll test the part again and confirm whether your DPF problems have been resolved. On successful completion, we’ll arrange the return of your unit and our finance team will contact you for payment. It will arrive back to you with a flow test report. Please keep this report with your service documentation.


Please ensure that all sensors are removed prior to sending the DPF to us. DPF Clean Team accept no liability for any damage caused to sensors which are not removed from the unit. Should removal of sensors by our technicians be necessary, a surcharge of £25 + VAT will be added to the invoice.

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